Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Get Hired!

Get Hired!

An interview or an interview questions can be a stressful thing. It is important to be well-prepared for all the different questions which tend to pop. Until and unless, you know the best ways of dodging the question, it is hard for you to give yourself the best chance of making the cut. One of the common questions which HRs often ask to test the applicant has to be, ‘why should we hire you’.
Now, the key idea here is to know what the HR wants to hear. If you can crack the real reason behind asking the question, it will be a whole lot easier for you to answer him in an apt manner.

From The HR’s Perspective

If you look at things from the perspective of the HR, you can understand that the main reason as to why they ask you this question is because they want to know what you think about yourself.
The kind of trust which you have in your own capabilities assumes a significant role and this is why you need to showcase your top skills. If your answer portrays you as someone who isn’t confident enough, it won’t serve the need. You will need to come across as someone who is confident and skilled enough to know what they are capable of.
Your answer needs to be dynamic and packed with the right content. You need to ensure that your answer should satisfy your HR and at the same time, it should make them believe that choosing to hire you would turn out to be beneficial for the firm than the other way round.

Be Confident

When you want to create the best impression as far as this question is concerned, the trick here is to be confident. Confidence alone can be a game changer. When HRs find applicants who are confident and those who trust their abilities, it creates an extremely powerful impression and it can definitely turn the tides in your favor.
Of course, you need to give them factual points. We are not asking you to blow your own trumpet but in the end, talk of the skills that you have which sets you apart from other applicants. Do not be arrogant or proud of who you are but if you can back your answer with instances wherein your skills turned out to be impressive, this will definitely be of help to you.
So, use these points and frame a befitting reply which will serve an apt need. You have to be responsible enough to come up with engaging answers which will make your HR consider your application seriously. With the right thought process and a little luck, you should have no difficulty in impressing your interviewer in a befitting manner.
There are a lot of questions which you will be asked and it is your duty to be prepared for most of them. This way you can make some last minute improvisations and be hopeful that your interview will turn out good.

Good luck!

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